Haare, Haut & Nägel – Der erste Eindruck zählt

Hair, skin & nails – the first impression counts

What characterizes a youthful and healthy body?

It's not just a healthy mind, it starts with firm, youthful skin, shiny, beautiful hair and strong, strong nails. Many people suffer from hair loss, sagging skin or soft nails and naturally want to get rid of these problems as quickly as possible. After all, our appearance is our calling card.

Skin, hair & nails as our business card

We all value a well-groomed appearance and that includes healthy, beautiful hair. The hair papilla, the mother of the root, is the basis for healthy hair growth. As soon as it is no longer supplied with sufficient vital substances, it atrophies and the regrowing hair becomes thinner and thinner until finally the hair no longer has any hold and falls out.

What is a great tip here are the Haar Aktiv capsules from Joachim, because his credo is:

You have to supply your body with enough micronutrients to have beautiful skin, shiny hair and strong nails.

Joachim Kaeser

The same applies to nails. If they do not receive enough vital nutrients, they break easily, become soft or develop dents. And here, too, Joachim Kaeser has developed a miracle weapon that helps dull hair and dented, brittle nails regain their strength and flawless appearance. Anyone who has problems maintaining healthy hair and nails should try Silicea S3 for skin, hair and nails .

Of course, we don't want any of these problems, so we should make sure that our bodies are always supplied with love and all the important, essential nutrients. Nowadays, it is difficult to get these nutrients purely from food, as the nutrients in the soil are decreasing more and more. Monocultures and pesticides are largely responsible for this.

That is why food supplements, vitamins, etc. have become very important, and you should pay attention to which products you consume. What counts here is as much nature as possible and this is the principle we follow at Joachim Kaeser.